Aim Controller Wall Hanging Bracket

Aim Controller Wall Hanging Bracket

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You asked for it, and we finally made it: a nice, clean looking solution for hanging your PSVR Aim Controllers, compatible with our full suite of mods!

Now you can store your Aim Controller in style, safely out of the hands of mischievous children, unsupervised pets, and the like.

  • Hang it on your walls with the included hardware, or virtually any other vertical surface using adhesive.
  • Sturdy ABS design and construction.
  • Compatible with Defender Aim Stock AND PSVR Light Shield.
  • Includes (3) drywall anchors and screws.
  • One hanger required per controller.
  • Easy install with just a Phillips head screwdriver!

We've beta tested this with select customers and have had awesome feedback, so we know you'll love it too!